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What is Green Bottle™?
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Green Bottles

About Green Bottle

The Green Bottle™ was designed as a solution to the problems caused by the massive worldwide use of disposable plastic water bottles. In the USA alone, we waste nearly 2.5 million plastic water bottles per hour. These plastic water bottles are leeching harmful chemicals into our drinking water and causing a massive disposal problem in our landfills. Additionally the Green Bottle™ is a perfect replacement for those plastic sports bottles that may contain BPA.

The Green Bottle™ offers an affordable and quality alternative to those who are conscious about their health and our environment. Each time you refill your Green Bottle™ you are being pro-active about your health and our environment!

Green Bottles™ are made of 18/8 food grade Stainless Steel and come in three versatile sizes. Our line includes the 12oz youth size, the 20oz size which is perfect for backpacks or purses and the 25oz wide mouth bottle. There are plenty of sizes and designs to fit everyones style! All bottles also come with a sports cap and travel clip which makes your Green Bottle™ easy to take everywhere.

The Green Bottle™ parent company Pure & Simple Solutions, L.L.C. made a decision early on in the design and manufacturing process for the Green Bottle™ to produce the highest quality, safest replacement water bottle at a much more reasonable retail price than currently being offered in the market place. This design and pricing makes Green Bottle™ the obvious, more affordable green choice to those who want to change their lifestyle!

Green Bottle™ has also partnered with 1% for the Planet and has committed to donate a minimum of 1% of all proceeds to non-profit institutions that help protect and maintain our environment and our planet!

Green Bottles

About Our Company

Pure & Simple Solutions, LLC, the parent company for Green Bottle™ has specialized in manufacturing and distributing consumer products for over 8 years and has recently introduced a line of eco-friendly products including Green Bottle™.

Additionally, the founding principles of Pure & Simple Solutions, LLC have been supplying retailers with consumer products for over 25 years. Pure & Simple Solutions, LLC has grown from a small business to a leader in supplying stainless steel drinking bottles and environmentally friendly products.

We have taken the necessary steps towards lowering our carbon footprint through eco-friendly business practices. We have conducted third-party audits of our manufacturing facilities through companies like TUV Rheinland and NSF to ensure consumer safety, environmental standards and fair labor practices.

Our bottles are manufactured and designed with the highest quality standards and best materials available! Our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction in addition to providing our customers with the highest quality stainless steel bottle at the most affordable price on the market!

Green Bottles

About Our Factory

After researching the manufacturing options and processes for Green Bottle™ , we found that we can produce handcrafted products of the highest quality and still offer the consumer affordable pricing.

Pure & Simple Solutions, LLC shares the same concerns that consumers and retailers have about manufacturing. However, before any product was manufactured we put in place quality assurance standards that ensure our products are manufactured safely, humanely and that employees are treated with respect. We have partnered with a family owned and operated facilities that take great interest in the green movement and makes serious efforts to succeed and become environmentally aware. Additionally we have taken measures to educate and provide useful steps for our factories to reduce their carbon footprint by using green and eco-friendly business practices.

Pure & Simple Solutions, LLC’s President Douglas Blunden personally visits all the factories which manufacture Green Bottles several times throughout the year to meet with the owners, managers and employees on the production lines.

In addition, Green Bottles™ are tested on a regular basis through T.U.V. Rheinland to monitor quality assurance standards and product safety. T.U.V. Rheinland is an independent, non-governmental organization that is a leader in standards, risk management and product certification for public health and safety regarding consumer products.

We are also in the process of becoming certified through NSF who is recognized as having a worldwide acceptance program for food equipment public healthy and safety standards.

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All Green Bottle™ products are free from the chemical Biphenol A (BPA) and do not alter the taste or smell of its contents.