#GB Cares
What the world is saying about plastics, pollution and our environment.

Americans use 2.5 million water bottles every hour. Resulting in 17 million barrels of oil to produce these plastic bottles annually—the equivalent of fueling 1 million cars for a year. Of these bottles only about 22% are recycled,

amounting to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste each year. This waste contributes to the 14 billion pounds of trash floating in our oceans right now. Learn how reusing a Green Bottle is saving our planet one bottle at a time.

Classic Solid Bottles

Classic Solids

Our collection of solid colored bottles are perfect for your custom imprint. Check out our Customize section for details.

Imprinted Bottles


A Green Bottle staple, our collection of imprinted bottles look as good as they help the planet.

RE-Green Collection


RE-duce, RE-use,
RE-cycle. Our collection of eco-inspired bottles will help you make an environmental statement.

A refreshing, eco-friendly alternative to existing fundraisers.

Green Bottle

  • • 50% Profit Margin
  • • No Up Front Costs
  • • No Contracts
  • • No Minimums

Make Them Your Own

We make customizing any of our bottles with your own imprint easy. Get your co-branded bottles today.

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